dnatools software package

Soeren W. Rasmussen swr at crc.dk
Mon Nov 27 08:48:04 EST 2000

Dear DNATools user,

The newest revision of dnatools, 5.1.750, supports direct data transfer
between Clustal X, dnatools and TreeView (viewer to display phylogenetic

trees, written by Rod, D.M. Page,

In addition, minor improvements have been made in the translate function

which makes it a bit easier to find and select specific regions in the
translated DNA sequence. A few bugs have also been corrected here and

You can download the new revision from http://www.dnatools.dk



Dr. scient. Soeren W. Rasmussen
Carlsberg Laboratory, Department of Yeast Genetics
10 Gl. Carlsbergvej, DK-2500, Copenhagen, Denmark
phone: 45 3327 5230, mail: swr at crc.dk

Homepage: http://www.crc.dk/phys/
Sequencing software: http://www.dnatools.dk

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