Help needed!

Lars Hofer lchofer at
Tue Nov 28 22:43:58 EST 2000

Hi everyone! :)

I've got the following question, and I hope anyone knows the solution:

"There is a barm (yeast) mutant, which features a defect in the magnesium
transport. If there is a small quantity of magnesium then this defect is
perceived by the effect that the growth in the medium is stopped. What is
causing that phenotype and how do you isolate the responsible gene?"

Thank you alot,
bye, Lars :)

Hint: I'm neither educated in microbiology nor in genetics but I've been
asked by a friend to ask this question. Because this question was formulated
originally in German I'm quite not sure if I was using the correct
terminology (in English).

So if anyone's speaking German too, here's the original question:

"Sie haben eine Hefemutante,die einen Defekt im
Magnesiumtransport aufweist.Dieser Defekt macht sich
dadurch bemerkbar,daß bei geringen Mengen von Mg im
Medium kein Wachstum erfolgt.Was könnte diesen
Phänotyp verursachen und wie isoliert man das
verantwortliche Gen?"


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