BIOPHARMA: The First Reference Book Concerning Biopharmaceutical Products

Ron Rader biotech at
Thu Nov 30 22:33:57 EST 2000

Rockville MD; November 30, 2000 - The Biotechnology information Institute has
announced the impending publication of BIOPHARMA:  Biopharmaceutical Products
in the U.S. Market, and the reopening of its online database at  This is the first reference book concerning marketed
biopharmaceutical products.  The book concentrates primarily on the
biotechnology and commercial, not medical/use, aspects of all FDA-approved
biopharmaceutical products.  BIOPHARMA presents nearly 300 product entries,
with in-depth monographs for about half of these including all high-tech
(recombinant, monoclonal antibody, etc.), recently approved, controversial and
other products, plus shorter profiles for all other products, company
information, and in-depth indexing (nomenclature, biological, chemical,
medical, regulatory and company indexes).  Emphasis is on the types of
information of interest to industry, e.g., details of composition,
manufacturing, patents, technology transfer, corporate
involvement/relationships, regulatory approvals and status, etc.  

BIOPHARMA provides much unique and otherwise unavailable information derived
from many diverse sources, including all available FDA Summary Basis of
Approval (SBA) documents, approval letters, information provided by companies,
industry newsletters, standard pharmaceutical reference sources, the full text
of patents, and from networking with hundreds of contacts.  However, entries
have not yet been peer- (company)-reviewed -- a goal of this first edition.  

The first unabridged/industrial edition will be published in February 2001,
and will be up-to-date through the end of 2000.  This edition is designed
primarily for those in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, with
monographs presenting all the details available regarding products,
technologies and organizations involved.  Later editions may be more
mainstream with longer entries summarized.  This initial print run will be
small (print-on-demand) and books will be numbered (as orders received).  If
BIOPHARMA is successful in becoming the premier information resource
concerning biopharmaceutical products, this first edition could become a
collectors item.  

Mr.  Ronald A.  Rader, President, Biotechnology Information Institute, is the
sole author of BIOPHARMA.  He is uniquely qualified, with a B.S. 
(Microbiology), M.L.S.  (Library Science), and 25 years experience as a
chemical, toxicology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology information specialist
and publisher.  Since 1988, he has been Editor/Publisher of the Antiviral
Agents Bulletin, the only periodical specializing in antiviral/HIV drug and
vaccine development.  

The first limited edition (approx.  400 pages) costs $225 (N.  America;
shipping included), or only $200 with prepayment received prior to publication
(February 2001); outside N.  America, $240 (air mail delivery) or $225 with
prepayment.  For further information or to place an order, visit the BIOPHARMA
Web site at or contact:  Ron Rader, President, Biotechnology
Information Institute; Phone: 301-424-0255; Fax: 301-424-0257; E-mail: info@


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