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    that was real downright funny.  That goes to show how guerillas
contribute to scientific research. :-)) But working in private companies may
not always give you the freedom of research you need.  My professor after he
returned from his studies in US chose a low paid research job in a
University rather than the cushy jobs offered to him in a several private
companies, because he wanted to do research of his own choice.  Of course,
salary suffers then.

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> Peter's right. The following is as true a story as any can be.
> When I left uni after 4 years, I hated science - no irony intended.
> So I bummed around for a year working on a production line, went to Spain
> for a while, worked as a furniture remover, and then I got a job teaching
> English in Peru. My dream of being another angst-ridden poet was finally
> coming true.
> I was suppossed to fly out to Lima on the 31st December, so in the run up
> Christmas I arranged a going-away party with all my frinds form uni. This
> the point where the Shinning Path Guerillas (SPG) make a greater
> to my choice of career than any adviser could. I got a telegramme on
> Christmas Eve to say that the institute had been burned down by the SPG,
> Western Imperialism blah! blah! blah! At the end they said they would get
> touch in six months time. So I had six months to kill.
> I applied for a job as a temp to cover maternity leave in an R&D
> microbiology group. At the interview I was asked what I could contribute
> the R&D group, to which I replied 'NOTHING' as I was just out of uni - I
> the job! It is now 15 years later and I still work in R&D as a
> microbiologist. What I get paid reasonably well for is not the degree I
> but for the unique knowledge I've gained through experience.
> I have since learned that angst-ridden poets do not get a pension plan,
> get paid less than Lynne : )
> The moral of this story is that you should take the job that allows you to
> pick up the most marketable skills in the first two years, then start
> looking for the money.
> I do not encourage anyone on this newsgroup to help your career along in
> way that the SPG helped mine - remember children, FIRE KILLS! : )


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