A question of concentration...

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Tue Oct 3 09:34:51 EST 2000

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>The question you should ask is, does Salmonella survive in 9% alcohol 
>AND half molar sugar??
>And you should get your eggs from not a supermarket, but a local farm, 
>where salmonella is less likely to be endemic. . . .
You probably need to do the experiment.  C ut a deal with someone at 
Salmonella lab. or food-technology lab. to  inoculate eggs before they are
used in your formula.  Mix your drink, and find out what has survived.

Love the concept--but I am not so sure you would be less likely to find
Salmonella contaminated eggs at a small farm as at a super market.

One thing you could try, since you seem to have a commercial product in mind,
use liquid pasteurized eggs.  Then, you could keep the alcohol content lower.

Cute idea in any case   :)

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