A question of concentration...

Marc Twayne nowotrojn at tamu.edu
Tue Oct 3 14:31:41 EST 2000

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rpg14 at yahoo.co.uk.invalid says...
>In article <8rd0e9$fne$1 at news.tamu.edu>, nowotrojn at tamu.edu (Marc 
>Twayne) wrote:
>> Probably the whole thing could be written up and published in The Journal 
>> of
>> Food Protection.
>Put me down as a co-author.
>Hell, if the advocaat turns out nice enough, put me down for testing the 
>stuff :))

Testing numerous samples  should make the writing much easier!

Hate to show my ignorance, but poor me, I had never heard of this drink
"advocaat" before.  Sounds good though.

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