Photobacterium Broth

Scott Coutts scott.coutts at
Sat Oct 7 06:08:43 EST 2000

Colin Davidson wrote:
> I've just been in touch with BD, who now supply the dehydrated media in the
> Difco Manual. I was hoping to get some Bacto Photobacterium Broth, but it
> would appear that this product has been discontinued. I'd be most greatful
> if anyone could reccomend a good alternative,

Well, I havent used them myself, but DSMZ suggests the following:


P. phosphoreum: medium 244 (sea water agar)
P. damselae:    medium 123 (marine agar), 
                medium 79  (Leucothrix medium) 
                medium 514 (bacto marine broth)
P. (V)fischeri  medium 246 (sea water agar)
P. iliopiscarum medium 115 (V.natriegens medium)

Or you could make the media yourself. The recipies are easy to find,
they're on the site listed above, and probably in your oxoid manual.

Dont know if that helps, but they're some alternatives!

Scott J. Coutts
Department of Microbiology

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