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	Dear Bolade Adesida:

	I couldn't find the reference, I even made a search at PUBMED and
didn't find it.
	The method for accessing the viability is very simple: make a 0.2 %
solução of Methylene Blue in water (deionized, if available) and a 2.0%
solution of Nile Blue A (sulphate) also in (deionized) water.Mix equal parts
of these solutions and keep in sterile and dried ambar glass bottle.
	To make counts at the microscope mix one part of your sample with
one part of the mixed dye solution, agitate in a test tube and make the
examination. The VIABLE bacterial cells will have NO COLOR. The "dead"
(non-viable) bacteria will appear strong blue. If you have a total count
(with the same dilution...) you can have a percentage of viable (or dead)
	This method is good for counts greater than 100,000/ml.

	Good luck


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> > Hi Jaime,
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> > Thank you for your reply. Could you kindly please let me have the
> > reference and procedure for estimating viability of Lactobacilli using
> > Nile & Methylene blue solution. Thank you for your anticipated response.
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