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Don Walthers donwalthers at
Wed Oct 18 20:08:17 EST 2000

Thanks for the info. My sequence has not been submitted yet so I can't use
the first tool. I was hoping for something that could take the CDSs from a
genebank file and get codon usage for all of them. But I guess I can append
the ORFs into a single file.

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"Emir Khatipov" <ekhatipo at> wrote in message
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> codon usage tables for the critter of your choice:
> to make a table for your gene:
> Or download a DOS program CodonW. Do the search for CodonW. You will also
> get links for online CodonW
> - Emir
> "Don Walthers" <donwalthers at> wrote in message
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> > Hello,
> > Does anyone know of a tool (software or web-based) that can determine
> codon
> > usage frequency on an entire genome (~50kb) from a genebank file
> (generated
> > by VectorNTI)?

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