Cloning human beings?

Colin A. B. Davidson c.davidson at
Wed Feb 7 11:28:53 EST 2001

"Janu" <janubas at> wrote in message
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> It is certainly true, that imprecisely defined statements may cause
hysteria and
> polariasation between uninformed people. I know there are different kinds
> application concerning human cloning. However this technique still works
> living "organisms" (cells as primitive life-forms) and this is an
> point. We, humans, are very sentimental and religious when we talk about
> life, or our being. Theoretically every cell of our body could be used to
> another human being. When we clone someone (it doesn't matter how) we play
> We create what we want, we decide what should come out: skin, special
drugs or
> an entire person and so on...
> When we do it with animals, noboy cares because in our religion (western
> animals don't have a spirit. One philosopher said one day: "animals are
> living automats". Aren't we not the same?

So, would you care to rephrase your question to ;
Do you think human cloning, including that of human embryos for research
into the treatment of fatal diseases, should be allowed?

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