Filamentous bacteria identification

Albert Parisien albert.parisien at
Sun Feb 25 12:13:06 EST 2001

I am a student in water sanitation and I am trying to identify the
filamentous bacteria responsible for the foaming on the aeration tank in
an activated sludge process. I have a few pictures(not of great quality
but are better seen with acdsee program).

This is the url to the pictures

You can acces the photos by cliking on shoebox.

Photos Dscn 58,59 and 60 are the same slide. It's the bacteria causing
the foam.

Photos Dscn 62 and 63 are the bacteria suspected of causing the foam
that have   been isolated from a streptomyces medium ( the Petri dish)

Photo Dscn 56 is from mixt liquor from the aeration tank.

If anyone has the time to look at them and help me identify the bacteria
it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Albert Parisien

albert.parisien at
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