staphylococcus aureus

lamb l.a.m.buisman at
Wed Feb 28 15:02:31 EST 2001

Dilworth <bactitech at> wrote:
>No one has commented on my biggest question - ARE YOU USING TUBE COAGS
>I spoke to our Ph.D. microbiologist yesterday about this thread.  He's
>been in the biz over 30 years in clinical laboratories.  He still
>considers the tube coag as the "gold standard" test for Staph. aureus,
>irregardless of all the "new fangled" stuff out there (although he
>chuckled and alluded to the observation that one could tell the age of
>the techs doing the work by what reagents are being used, and that tube
>coags were showing our age :-) ).
>Can anyone comment?

Our lab never bothered about the "new fangled stuff".
 My age determines that, I suppose ....
We still use EDTA rabbit plasma slide coagulase.
 If colony morphology doesn't fit thr result we confirm with tube coagulase.
Same plasma, diluted in broth. 
I would like to use DNAse routinely as well, but there are people even older than me!


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