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Wed Jan 3 09:42:54 EST 2001

I am a final year Undergraduate at the University of Surrey, my
 research project is looking at the effect of the addition of co-
metabolic substrates upon the microbial degradation of

 I am having trouble with extracting the phenanthrene from the soil I am
using in order to assess its degradation using gas
 chromatography.  I do not have access to working Soxhlet Extraction
Apparatus nor the equipment to conduct an extraction using
 Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, which seem to be the most popular
methods.  Instead I have been using a simple hexane extraction
 in order to try to recover the phenanthrene but this does not seem to
be effective.  I have tried drying the soil samples to remove
 the water content and increasing the amount of agitation the samples

 Are the any further suggestions to improve this method and/or do you
know of any other robust and yet simple methods for the
 recovery of phenanthrene from soil?

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