lamb L.A.M.Buisman at
Thu Jul 5 13:50:14 EST 2001

Dilworth wrote:

> Any solution with agar has to boil about a minute before you cool it.
> If it's not totally melted it won't solidify.  Be careful at this stage,
> as it boils over and burns easily.
> I've only ever used premixed plating media with agar already in it, but
> it will turn clear when it's melted.  Use padded gloves and keep
> swirling it periodically while it's heating, unless you melt in an
> autoclave.  We used to make 2-3 liters at a time, so swirling this was
> pretty tricky. If you're using smaller amounts use a large enough flask
> (Ehrlenmeyers are great) so you can swirl, but not too big.

Use a hotplate with a magnetic stirrer. Is slower then on a burner, but safer.
It can still boil over, and then it's hard to clean up, that makes you extra


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