Maria Del Carmen Selva Callado maselcal at etsia.upv.es
Fri Mar 2 06:30:52 EST 2001

I'm a newcomer int this newsgroup. I'm an engineering 
student an now ,I'm doing my ending projet about 
Arthrospira (Spirulina before) ,and single cellular protein 
mainly with the objective of nourishment (animal and human 
feed). I thinck it's better an outdoor than photobioreactor 
culture due to spanish conditions of light and heat.

But I've seen that it's possible the use of Spirulina 
cultures with medioambiental purposes.
Somebody has even heard or read something about the use of 
agricole wastewater as medium culture of Spirulina?(I'm 
thinking about pig farms because of pollution in my area) 
Not for lab work, but for industrie.
If that is so, what about the sanity side?
I've been also trying to find some species (bacteria or 
algae) that could pollute some spirulina culture, 
nevertheless it's no easier at pH=10.

Thank you very much
Mª Carmen

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