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Sat Mar 3 18:57:32 EST 2001

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>I'm trying to choose a PCR Thermo cycler, but I'm completely confused.
>I was observing the Epperdoff and Stratagene and Biometra Termo Cyclers,
>it seems that has some problems of durability of the thermal lid and
>temperature uniformity in the Blocks, mainly in Gradients models.
>GeneAmp 9700 from PE biosystems doesn't have temperature gradient!!!??, but
>for routine it resembles the best choise.
>About  iCycle from BioRad, I haven't much information on him.
>Somebody that could comment or to recommend a termocyclador please!!!
>Best Regards
>Ricardo Dias

Our lab has been using a Biometra "personal cycler" since about 1995.  Only
required repair once, under warranty, which involved simply changing a
heating block.  We run about 2-3 pcs's per day on this machine, with no

hope this helps,
George Szatmari
Univ de Montreal, microbiologie

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