Problems isolating plasmids from E.coli JM110

Dr. Duncan Clark d_clark at
Mon Mar 5 05:59:31 EST 2001

In article <3AA12B91.A2082E87 at>, the eminent Trond Erik Vee
Aune at Norwegian university of science and technology wrote
>All the plasmids are low-copy, but the ones I have trouble with have a
>copy-up mutation that makes the copy number about 10 times higher than
>the ones I have managed to isolate from.

I've used JM110 over the years without problems. There is a endA mutant
available I think from Stratagene as SCS110 or something similar.

If you are just after a dcm methylation free plasmid then try any E.coli
B strain.

The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.

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