AnaeroGen by Oxoid?

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Thu Mar 1 14:01:26 EST 2001

"Marlene DeMers" <mdemers at> wrote in message
> We are currently trying the new Anaerobic packs by Oxoid called AnaeroGen
> that do not require the addition of water or a catalyst.  I was wondering
> if anyone else has tried them and if they teach what the actual reaction
> that is taking place in the jar?  The insert just says that it reduce the
> oxygen level in the jar to below 1% within 30 minutes and the carbon
> dioxide level will be between 9-13%.  As an educator I want to give the
> students the full balanced equation.  I will look further but thought I
> would ask the group?
> Thanks in advance for any info you send,
> Marlene
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> We've been using them at work in our Cat B. lab and they seem to work
really well. We also use a similar system for Campylobacter isolation.
All the info we have would be in the packet inserts. Have you tried
contacting Oxoid direct?

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