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I'm a Bacteriology student working on an unknown experiment.  We were to 
isolate 2 unknown organisms and determine their identity down to Genus and 
Species. I have had no problem getting the 2 organisms isolated and growing 
successfully.  Here is my problem....I did several Gram Stains on Organism B 
and it is definitely Gram Negative, the rods are short but there are 
endospores!!  I did 2 endospore tests and my TA also concluded that I had 
endospore formation.  I didn't think Gram Negative bacteria could produce 
endospores. My TA cannot give me any additional information because this is 
an independent assignment.  There is a list of possible organisms and my 
unknown B doesn't fit any of these.  Can anyone provide 
suggestions/advice...I would greatly appreciate it =)
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