microorganisms in fish tanks

John Gentile yjgent at home.com
Mon Mar 12 23:10:23 EST 2001

In any healthy environment there should be millions of microorganisms. What
are you doing to find them? A simple stain of a drop of water may not show
much, but growing on bacteriological media might show many things. Molds and
parasites will require more complicated methods of finding them.

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> Date: 12 Mar 2001 18:43:09 -0000
> Subject: microorganisms in fish tanks
> I am in a Biology class at Fauquier High School, in Warrenton, VA. I am
> currently working on a study of the microorganisms in both fresh and salt
> water fish tanks. As of yet, I am unsuccessful in finding anything. Is this an
> error on my part, or are there no microorganisms in the fish tanks?
> Dutch W.
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