Microbiology List: FW: microorganisms in fish tanks

Derek Law dlaw at idgplc.com
Thu Mar 15 04:49:52 EST 2001

How long are you incubating the plates for?, growth on R2A at 30C is slow
and may take upto 5 days before you can see colonies.

Derek Law

Yersinia <yersinia at cybernex.net> wrote in message
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> Dutch writes,
> <I am in a Biology class at Fauquier High School, in Warrenton, VA. I am
> currently working on a study of the microorganisms in both fresh and salt
> water fish tanks. As of yet, I am unsuccessful in finding anything. Is
> this
> an error on my part, or are there no microorganisms in the fish tanks?>
> How are you attempting to isolate the organisms? What kind of
> microbiology equipment does your high school have? If I were going to
> make a study of this kind (and it sounds really, REALLY interesting!),
> I'd hope to have the following on hand:
> Sterile sample cups, pipettes and test tubes to collect the samples in.
> Vacuum filtration unit with membrane filtration cups and 0.45 micron
> filters.
> Solid agar petri dishes with R2A medium (for freshwater) and mineral
> salts agar (for saltwater).
> Incubator, 30-35C.
> Microscope, sterile loops and slides.
> ~Yersinia.
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