surface disinfectant

Dilworth bactitech at
Mon Mar 19 11:38:36 EST 2001

At my previous place of employment we used a 20% household bleach
solution, made up fresh weekly, to clean all countertops and surfaces
such as you describe (one part bleach to four parts water).  It's cheap
and effective.  I've never been anywhere that used ethanol of any type. 
We now use some commercial disinfectant in spray bottles - I have no
idea what it is, other than the bottles are placed strategically all
over the lab.  It's a system, I believe, where the concentrate is bought
and some gimmicky deal dilutes it with water when it comes time to make
up new solution.  

Hope this helps.

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

"R. Jayakumar" wrote:
> HI...
>    we have a problem purchasing crude ethanol from our local supplier, due
> to new absurd government policies in force now.   We are having problems
> sterilising our laminar air flow chamber surface and other surfaces in our
> microbiology lab.  Can anyone suggest another safe surface sterilant for
> cleaning desktop surfaces etc. without being toxic to anyone as a
> replacement to 70% ethanol.
>    thanks a lot
> sincerely
> jayakumar

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