surface sterilant

Justin Cobb jacobb at
Mon Mar 19 23:55:46 EST 2001

If all else fails, just get a bottle of Everclear and use that.  (I'm
serious-it's 190 proof [95% EtOH]!)

"Michael Witty" <mw132 at> wrote in message
news:Pine.SGI.3.96.1010319214317.22395062A-100000 at
> > Benzalkonium chloride solution is probably better for this application
> > as it is non volatile and has as residual effect on the surface.
> > Ethanol is non residual and does not provide any on going biocidal
> > activity.
> >
> > Bob Molony
>  . . . but the non-residual property is good!  It means that any plant
> matter coming into contact with a sterilized surface does not get a
> chemical poison.  How about commercial methylated spirits, which will be
> more poisonous than ethanol, but better than putting up with residues.
> Maybe you can even get it without the blue dye and taste denaturant.
> Good luck Jayakumar. Mike.

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