surface disinfectant

nmaccallister at nmaccallister at
Tue Mar 20 03:19:15 EST 2001

Judy,.. isn't 20% rather high?  I believe we used a 1% (..or was it
0.8%) to kill the spores left after 70% IPA wiping.  Isn't it true that
Bleach can "pit" stainless steel,.. and must be used with caution?..
(Like remembering to wipe it away after 10 mins)  Just like with the
alcohol (where 70% kills better than 90%) the stronger bleach may also
be less effective.  
One hood-service technician did advocate putting a stronger bleach
solution in a pan and leaving it in the (closed) flow hood over the
weekend once-a-month (esp, to clean the HEPA filters),.. but I still
worry about corroding that S. Steel,.. so I haven't made it a common
practice.  Any advice?
P.S.,  I have started the "mold/spore titers" you advised me on last
month,.. so I am opening a number of plates in the hood these days.
Some of them are immediately perceptible odor-wise,.. so I am concerned
about spores as well.  (20%,.. huh?)
And, yes, I will ask my friend down the hall to see if I can borrow some
BAC (as the other posting suggests),..  1% again?,.. and is it kinder to
SS?  Is it effective against conidia?

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