surface disinfectant

Michael Witty mw132 at
Tue Mar 20 04:49:20 EST 2001

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001 nmaccallister at wrote:

> Judy,.. isn't 20% rather high?  I believe we used a 1% (..or was it
> 0.8%) to kill the spores left after 70% IPA wiping.  Isn't it true that
> Bleach can "pit" stainless steel,.. and must be used with caution?..
> (Like remembering to wipe it away after 10 mins)  Just like with the
> alcohol (where 70% kills better than 90%) the stronger bleach may also

Dear NM,
       do you know if 70% can support a flash?  This might also be a big
advantage.  Mike

> be less effective.  
> One hood-service technician did advocate putting a stronger bleach
> solution in a pan and leaving it in the (closed) flow hood over the
> weekend once-a-month (esp, to clean the HEPA filters),.. but I still
> worry about corroding that S. Steel,.. so I haven't made it a common
> practice.  Any advice?
> P.S.,  I have started the "mold/spore titers" you advised me on last
> month,.. so I am opening a number of plates in the hood these days.
> Some of them are immediately perceptible odor-wise,.. so I am concerned
> about spores as well.  (20%,.. huh?)
> And, yes, I will ask my friend down the hall to see if I can borrow some
> BAC (as the other posting suggests),..  1% again?,.. and is it kinder to
> SS?  Is it effective against conidia?

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