surface disinfectant

Dilworth bactitech at
Wed Mar 21 14:07:06 EST 2001

You're right (of course :-)).  We diluted household bleach, so we
probably ended up with a 1% solution.  It was bought through the
hospital and was from the food supplier.  

Yes, it was bleachy smelling.  It was also CHEAP.  The hospital ended up
closing in 1996, so we were saving money wherever we could. 
Unfortunately there were economic forces at work that even going on the
cheap with bleach didn't cure :-(.

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

lamb wrote:
> 20% of household bleach is maybe 1% ?
> But the stench !!
> Give me ethanol or isopropanol any time.
> Loes

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