surface disinfectant

Dilworth bactitech at
Sat Mar 24 02:02:36 EST 2001

I checked with our former safety officer tonight about the bleach
solution.  He said we used it (20% bleach) because bleach gave a better
kill rate than any of the other disinfectants we could buy commercially
(and it was cheap).  He said he made it from household bleach, so that
it would be approx. a 1% working solution.  

You could also make it from some of the fancy smelling bleaches Clorox
is putting out now, but it would be more expensive.

He also said we never had problems with it pitting any of the stainless
steel finishes on any of our equipment, either.  He had never heard of
anyone using an alcohol for this purpose.

The only thing you really have to be careful about it not to splash it
on your clothes.

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

Dilworth wrote:
> I was always under the assumption it was 20% bleach.  This was at my
> former hospital that closed in 1996, but our safety officer from that
> time now works at my place in chemistry on my shift, so I will run it by
> him.......

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