Ultraviolet Ecolgy

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"R.I. Mateles" wrote:
> How far down does UV penetrate?  I'd imagine that most of the marine
> bacteria are going to be on/near the bottom or attached to solid particles
> in the water, and these particles might also shade any bacteria.
> Rich Mateles
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> > Hello all,
> >
> > I am currently putting together a website specifically on the effects of
> > ultraviolet radiation on marine bacteria, and on marine bacterial
> > communities. I am interested in both the effects of UV radiation at the
> > cellular and genetic level (such as mortality, genetic repair processes,
> > photoremediation) and the effects on ecology and community composition. I am
> > currently searching the literature on this topic, and am coming up with
> > somewhat scattered results. If anyone knows of any good sources of
> > information for this project, or of any particularly good authors in this
> > area, I'd really appreciate your input.
> >
> > Thanks a lot!
> >
> > Matt Sniatynski
> > UBC Department of Biology

 Good evening

 Molecular Studies of Ultraviolet Radiation Effects on Marine Bacteria

 Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Marine Ecosystems

 The Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation in Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems

 Edited by Stephen J. De Mora, Serge Demers, Maria Vernet 
 The Effects of UV Radiation in the Marine Environment

 Effects of increased UVB radiation on Antarctic marine microalgae

 Ultraviolet Radiation and the Aquatic Biota (Disciplinary Connections)

 Deep-sea Bugs Shine From Radiation Repair

 Papers about UVR

  Australian Institute of Marine Science
   - Environmental biochemistry 

  Smithsonian Institution
   - Ecological effects of ultraviolet solar radiation

 David Ramalho

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