surface disinfectant

lamb L.A.M.Buisman at
Tue Mar 27 15:12:04 EST 2001

John Gentile wrote:

> Before we lost our TB lab we used to clean all surfaces with 10% bleach
> (0.5% final conc.) It did stain the stainless steel after many years of
> cleaning. Our hood was always left running with the UV light on when not in
> use, and we cleaned the UV bulb on a weekly basis.
> Why do you state that the 1% bleach is not effective against mycobacteria?
> I'm not sure that any living bacteria can survive against bleach.

Looking for alternatives for lyorthol I dived into the literature. That's why.
For surface cleaning we have our usual 70% ethanol. The lyorthol we used for
disposal of contaminated pipettes etc. inside the safetyhood. The supplier of the
safety-hood warns against high (5%) concentrations of chlorine. To be honest I have
forgotten where the damage would occur. But a safety hood has to be safe.


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