Microbiology List: ? UV mutation of fungus - intensity vs duration

Prasun Ray prasunr at teri.res.in
Wed Sep 5 23:59:57 EST 2001

Dear Alan,
Even Iam looking forward to do some mutational studies in fungal systems.I wish if I could get releted references or access to any "protocol" as you have mentioned in your mail.
warm regards,

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>>> NAP-4 at worldnet.att.net 09/04/01 09:24PM >>>

I have seen several references to using UV light to mutate
fungus.  The only question I have left regards the intensity
vs duration.  The protocols usually only mention something
generic like 'A GE germicidal lamp'.  The catalogs give me
several choices as to intensity; they range from 31 to 152
microWatts per cm^2.  Obviously this could make a dramatic
difference in the affects.

Does anyone have any ideas or good references on this?

Alan S. Wicks
Kennewick, WA


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