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Sat Sep 22 08:46:29 EST 2001

>Hello: I am looking for case studies on bacteriological infectious diseases.
>Can anyone recommend a good source? I am currently using the 1st Ed. of the
>Gilligan, Shapiro and Smiley book. I have ordered their second ed. which was
>published in 1997. I teach med. tech students and am looking for a more
>challenging format for them other than what is available in the BOR.

I don't have my book the book published by ASM?  If not ASM has a
case study book.

I also use the MMWR (ie. make up my own with their info.  ASM has case studies
at this site:

There are case studies on-line at this site:

If you need the title etc. of the ASM book, let me know.


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