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Tue Apr 30 07:22:57 EST 2002

Hi Shaun,

in our institut we use normal pressure cooker which are used in a kitchen
(the bottom is filled with water) and heat them on a cooking plate. There
you can only autoclave small things and a problem could be that the
temperature is not controlled. So it could be that the temperature is higher
than 121°C. But it works, it goes fast and is not very expansive.

"Shaun Jones" <Bcereus at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> Dear All
> I perform simple diagnostic parasitology procedures at home, and would
> to be able to sterilise slides and test tubes so that they can be reused.
> would also like to do some basic microbiology and would need to be able to
> make sterile agars and reagents.
> I have been looking around for cheap benchtop autoclaves and these are far
> too expensive.  I have also looked at pressure cookers and home canner
> cookers.  The homer canner cookers seem to be most suitable, they have a
> pressure gauge and large capacity.
> Does anyone know a supplier within the UK where I can purchase a pressure
> cooker designed for microbiology or home canning?
> Any advice appreciated.
> Thanks
> Shaun

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