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Fri Feb 1 07:39:29 EST 2002

"solomon wateh" <solomonwate2 at> wrote in message
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>  Dear Sir,
>  Your contact was discretely sourced for among others
>  with respect to your position as an international
>  acclaimed personality; and we decided in your favour
>  as a partner for this business proposal bearing in
>  mind that you are of an outstanding reputation to
>  usher you in as the beneficiary.
All of us? Gosh what a wonderful newsgroup we are!

>  However, I repose every confidence in you concerning
>  your status by virtue of its nature as being utterly
>  confidential and with the believe that you could be
>  fully trusted to handle this business with the degree
>  of confidence it deserves.
You've got to admire the security awareness of these people - it's so
confidential that they post it on an open newsgroup! They're almost as daft
as the people who fall for their scam.
Lesley Robertson

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