WANTED: specific protease to cleave a transcriptional activator

Mike Cantor mcantor at stanford.edu
Mon Feb 4 17:39:33 EST 2002

Hi folks,

I would like to insert the recognition sequence of a specific protease (e.g.
Xa or Enterokinase) in to the middle of AraC.  The idea is to make an
inducible pBAD promoter that I can turn on by expressing AraC (with
arabinose of course) and then turn off by expressing the protease.  I plan
to use this system in e-coli.

Can anyone recommend a good protease to use for this purpose, or give me any
tips or warnings about this idea (I am new to proteases).  Has anyone done
anything like this before?

thanks a bunch for any advice you can supply,
-mike cantor


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