Walter Freyne walter.freyne at
Tue Feb 5 01:06:36 EST 2002

Dear Sirs

I am trying to find demodex mites in the sebum of the face but for one
reason ore the other I cant find them, does anyone know the best way to do
this ?
I can easily find them on the hair roots but that is not what I want.
I think I find one on the surface of the skin but I am not sure,
I think that one problem is that the sebum is a bit hard and while smearing
the sebum on the glass and make it thin enough I also destroy the mites.
It would be ideal to dissolve the sebum with something so the mites are left
but is that possible ?
Ore a other way to make them more visible ?
I would like to be able to define how much the concentration is from those
Maybe this will sound stupid in this group but I am just doing this as a
and would like to learn something.
My apologies if this is impropriate question for this group but I dont know
where to go else.
Thanks in advance

email:  walter.freyne at

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