Glenn Montis hmhgmontis at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 17 15:33:49 EST 2002

I am reviewing policies for update and would like to
know how other hospitals are handling the following

1. Does anyone have specific guidelines in place to
regulate the volume of blood drawn for blood cultures
in relation to the age and/or weight of pediatric

2. Do you allow blood cultures to be drawn from
Central Venous Catheters, and if so, do you have any
specific guidelines pertaining to the procedure.

3. Do you allow Physicians to order only one set of
blood cultures for an adult, or do you insist on
drawing two sets.

4. How many use automated blood culture system to
culture other body fluids (Per, Pleural, synovial,
CSF, ect...).

Glenn Montis
Microbiology Supervisor
Hardin Memorial Hospital

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