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I run a small clinical laboratory where we frequently draw pediatric
patients for varoius lab testing, including blood cultures.  Our policies on
pediatric draws do not include specific age or weight restrictions.  We use
Bactec Pediatric BC bottles and put no more than 1-3 mls of blod in the
bottle, depending on the patient and success of venipuncture.  The amount to
draw has been approved as acceptable by our pediatricians even for the
newborns.  We do not draw blood cultures on any patient from a Central
Venous Catheter unless there is a suspected infection in the catheter.  If
the physician believes an infection is present in a CVC, he or she (or a
nurse trained in CVC maintenance and draws) performs the draw so that they
can ensure the line is flushed correctly afterward.  We allow the physicians
to order as few or many (within reason with regard to age of the patient)
blood cultures as he or she desires.  If asked we recommend two, however.  I
do not run the blood culture in my small lab... we send it to our main lab
for processing so I don't know whether they use the machine for  other body
fluids. Hope this helps!

Bactitech wrote in message <3C702513.A3A7AAB2 at>...
>I am also forwarding this to, as the med techs hang
>out in there, also.
>I wish I could help you, but we just get the bottles and put them on.
>They are drawn by our phlebotomy team, and there may be specific
>guidelines, but I don't know what they are.
>We are using a Trek system, and we are not putting the bottles on the
>machines that are inoculated with sterile body fluids.  Some doctors
>insist on using theses for this purpose.  We just incubate them in a
>regular incubator and check them for turbidity and stain/subculture if
>Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
>Glenn Montis wrote:
>> I am reviewing policies for update and would like to
>> know how other hospitals are handling the following
>> items:
>> 1. Does anyone have specific guidelines in place to
>> regulate the volume of blood drawn for blood cultures
>> in relation to the age and/or weight of pediatric
>> patients?
>> 2. Do you allow blood cultures to be drawn from
>> Central Venous Catheters, and if so, do you have any
>> specific guidelines pertaining to the procedure.
>> 3. Do you allow Physicians to order only one set of
>> blood cultures for an adult, or do you insist on
>> drawing two sets.
>> 4. How many use automated blood culture system to
>> culture other body fluids (Per, Pleural, synovial,
>> CSF, ect...).
>> Thanks
>> Glenn Montis
>> Microbiology Supervisor
>> Hardin Memorial Hospital
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