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> i was wondering if there was a standardized chart for bacteria/DH5a OD600
> with corresponding cell concentration (x cells/ml).  can i use the one for
> haploid yeast. yes i know there is a hard way by serial dilutions and ect
> but i just wanted to know if there was anything published and readily
> availiable.
Apart from anything else, if you think about it, yeast are much bigger and
you get less of them to the OD unit than bacteria. I wouldn't even trust one
made for a different bacterium - long thing bacteria will give different
result than short fat one. Moreover, the growth conditions will affect the
results - if the cells are full of PHB for example, you'll get a higher OD
per cell than you should.
By the time you finish mucking around, it would be quicker to do it
Lesley Robertson

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