weird bacteria

Trond Erik Vee Aune trondaun at
Thu Feb 27 17:30:28 EST 2003

Tom Knight wrote:
> Trond Erik Vee Aune <trondaun at> writes:
>>other different bacteria, I streaked it onto a new plate. For some
>>reason it did not come up as a continous smear, but as distinct
>>colonies, even where I had put a large amount of colony material. And
>>more surprising, it even came up at places where I had not streaked. I
>>tried it again, and this time I shook the needle before streaking to
>>try to remove possible spores. When streaking, I made sure to keep the
>>needle close to the surface of the agar. Despite of all these efforts,
>>new colonies grew up up to 1,5 cm away from the area where I had put
>>the colony material. And still no continous growth, almost like they
>>are inhibiting themselves.
> I presume you tried culturing one of your plates without streaking
> anything on it...  If not, and you get colonies on it, then this
> sounds like your autoclave needs fixing.

It's not contamination. I have full control of my plates. And the 
colonies I get only come up around where I streak the bug. Som it's a 
polar effect.

Trond Erik


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