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Fri Feb 28 07:49:41 EST 2003

newshound007 wrote:
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>>When I streak the bacteria I only streak it at about one fifth of the 
>>total area of the plate. The colonies are showing up in the vicinity of 
>>where I have streaked, up to 1.5 cm away. 
> Solunds like hot loop "agar pop" to me.

You mean that the loop is so hot that agar splatters around and spreads 
bacteria? No, this can't be the reason.

What I do is sterilize the loop in flame. Then I cool it by sticking it 
down into the agar at the plate from where I take the inoculum. After it 
is cooled down I scoop up some of the bacteria and gently smear them on 
the new plate.

Trond Erik

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