Post-measles vaccination diarrhoea in infant - could standard faeces lab tests find virus?

Glutinous glutinosity at $yahoo$
Wed Nov 26 07:58:21 EST 2003

As the subj line says, I have an 18-month baby with fairly serious
diarrhoea, lasting about 5 days now, following a measles jab.

Since measles is associated with compromising the lining of the gut,
we are fairly convinced this illness was initiated by the measles

We are about to return a faeces culture to our doctor's clinic.  The
accompanying form requests standard faeces culture and faeces parasite
tests.  There is also a virology / serology lab section, which has a
space for specifying 'other investigations'.

I am wondering whether it would be worth specifying testing for the
measles virus, or its effects, but am unsure of the terminology.

The reason I'm asking here is because in the UK there's a big issue
over the MMR jab, and we have chosen to go for three separate
vaccinations.  I am concerned that our doctor, in a clinic which
promotes MMR as 100% safe, will not take our request seriously, and
want to present as detailed a case as possible for specifying this lab

Any comments gladly received!  As you willo appreciate, this is a
time-sensitive issue, so sooner than later wouod be good for me...

Thank you.

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