Metabolic products of pathogenic bacteria

Jane Gonzales jrpatto at
Thu Feb 12 12:38:30 EST 2004

Good Morning!

I'm attempting to provide the research for chemists devising a new method
for detecting pathogenic bacteria in food, and have what I thought would be
a simple question. However, after several days of intensive research, I have
not been able to put my finger on it, most likely due to my lack of working
knowledge in microbiology!

Would anyone be so kind as to inform me where I can find a list or database
(or ANYTHING!!) of the metabolites/products/gases/stuff exuded/given
off/produced by bacteria,specifically those involved in food poisoning and
food spoilage? I've located a database of metabolic pathways, but do not
have the background to determine which of the end-products would actually be
excreted by the cell into the environment.

I am grateful for any help that is offered!


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