Anaerobic bacteria

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> Hello everyone
> I would like to ask "how to isolate, characterize and manipulate an
> anaerobic bacteria strain that allows to be preserved for 3 months?"
> Samantha

This is too broad a subject for a newsgroup. There is a number of different
techniques used for different anaerobic bacteria, from microaerophilic to
strict anaerobes. All you need to know is written in laboratory manuals like
Methods in General Bacteriology by P. Gerhardt (Ed.) You can check your
library, and while you are doing that, look around the shelf where you found
this book for other similar titles. There are also special books on
anaerobic bacteria and techniques used to work with them. Search online
bookstores for "anaerobic bacteria" for the titles, too.

In general, you would need to remove oxygen from the media by either
sparging with inert gases, like N2, or by adding oxygen scavenger chemicals,
like H2S.

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