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it depends on what country u r n... india and china are most open the russia
wwas a leader in PSI-ops since the leadbetter in the early 1900's rasputin
rock'd the 30's.,., check out giordano Bruno for amarchaich version...

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> I have been out of the field of Microbiology for approximately 8 years
> I am thinking about getting my license/certification via the ASM/NRM.  I
> considering getting this in Clinical and Publick Health Microbiology.  I
> would have to sign up as a conditional registrant since I do not have the
> work experience required.  In fact I only have the Bachelors Degree in
> Microbiology.  I am wondering if anyone else has taken this test and could
> give me any pointers?  How hard is the test?  Is the study guide listed on
> ASM's web site accurate?  I hope someone out there can help me out with
> this.  Thanks in advance.

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