Exceptions of living things NOT composed of cells?

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Tue Jan 27 00:39:42 EST 2004

"Scott Coutts" <scott.coutts at med.monash.edu.au> wrote in message
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> What about Rickettsias, Chalmydias and other obligate intracellular
> parasites, which cant synthesise their own ATP?
Aren't they still retain the cellular membrane while inside the host? Even
if not, they are using the host's membrane and wall, which would comply with
another definition of life as the ability of enclosed system to grow and to
self-replicate. Would the parasites then be considered as cellular or
non-cellular forms of life? Kind of a new twist in our discussion, eh? :-)
Tom Williams, could you ask your professor what exactly did he mean and we
might take a chance and argue with him?
So far, seems life, as love, is not so easy to define... :-)

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