Exceptions of living things NOT composed of cells?

uvenal uvenal at ktk.ru
Tue Jan 27 21:11:15 EST 2004

I doubt a life could be reduced to information only. There is one more
issue peculiar for life: this is an exchange of matter and enenrgy
consumption/dispersion. I mean, all living beings do eat somethisng
and do produce something significantly different from an original
stuff. I pretty well believe, a life should be determined (and most of
all, - understood) as a combination of these two processes, which are
the methabolism and the information processing.

Probably, one can implement an artificial device with the similar
properties; thus, an artificial life would take start...

Anyway, life should be defined as a combination of the processes
mentioned above.

Sincerely, Michael G.Sadovsky
Institute of biophysics of SD RAS;
660036 Russia, Krasnoyarsk

GS> I invite you to look at this topic from the wrong end of the
GS> telescope - all
GS> the essential information for supporting the replication of
GS> one of these
GS> entities is now, or one day will be, in the literature - it
GS> will then be
GS> possible to replicate the entity starting from only the
GS> information.
GS> Clearly, life IS information, but at what point does
GS> information become
GS> life?

GS> BTW, T4 is still my favourite - based entirely on its picture.



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