Cost of genome sequencing

Bob bbx107 at
Thu Jan 6 20:42:24 EST 2005

On 6 Jan 2005 04:47:01 -0000, tanvirahman at ("Md.Tanvir
Rahman") wrote:

>I need some information. What is the approximate cost [in US cent/base] of 
>sequencing genomic DNA at a major genome sequencing center.

probably a few cents, perhaps one cent.

But careful, such numbers can be misleading. First of all, they are
basically operating costs, assuming that the capital needs are taken
care of. Second, there is really no such thing as finishing a
sequencing project (except for very simple organisms). It takes much
repetition to get the error rate down to a reasonable level, and some
regions are very difficulty to sequence. So, one can get a rough draft
for a very low cost, and then get more and more quality for more and
more of the genome by spending more money.



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