Heat shock protein and chaperonin

Bob bbx107 at excite.com
Fri Jan 21 21:06:04 EST 2005

On 21 Jan 2005 19:16:28 -0000, rahmanm at uoguelph.ca ("Md.Tanvir
Rahman") wrote:

>What is the basic difference between heat shock protein and the

Historically, a heat shock protein (hsp) is a protein that is induced
by heat. The function was totally unknown.

A chaperonin is a protein that assists is protein folding, or helps
maintain proteins in unfolded state.

Thus one term describes the protein in terms of cell physiology, and
the other in terms of molecular function.

Turns out that many heat shock proteins are chaperones.

Careful... The two terms are not used consistently in the literature.
Remember, it took a while to realize that hsp are chaperones. 


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