Used Leica "Darkfield Quebec" Colony Counter for sale

I. Richard Schaffner toluene at
Tue May 17 21:16:01 EST 2005

I have a used, fully functional Leica "Darkfield Quebec" Colony Counter
(Model RE-3325) for sale, which counts bacterial colonies rapidly and
accurately.  The counter is an very good condition, and includes a darkfield
design providing glare-free, uniform illumination and controlled
magnification.  Light is reflected evenly over the culture surface,
eliminating direct glare from bright spots. Bacteria colonies are contrasted
against the darkfield background. The light source is a standard, easily
replaceable 40-Watt bulb (included). Controlled magnification is achieved by
a 1.5X lens mounted on a focusing rod. When not in use, the focusing rod and
magnifier may be pushed out of the way. The counter includes an
instrumentation manual.

Other pertinent information:

    -Dimensions: ~10.5"W X 10"L X 10.5"H
    -Power Source: 120V, 60Hz, 40 watt bulb
    -UL listed
    -Approximate weight: 6 lbs

The counter is sold new for up to about $1,000.  I am asking $350 for it,
and assume the buyer will pay shipping/insurance.  Please let me know if
there is an interest.


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