Large scale culture of Streptomyces species

Sun May 29 18:47:12 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

I am investigating the macromphiphiles diversity in High G+C Actinomycete 
bacteria especially with the bacteria whose genome sequence have been fully 

For this I need large mass of cells of that particular organism. I am having 
some problem in growing Streptomyces species. As you know this organisms 
grow well in fermentor, but our institution doesn't have any fermenter, so I 
am trying to grow them in large conical flask in YEME media. But I can't use 
any antifoam reagent as it may change the cell envelope structure which may 
altered our macroamphiphiles. But without the antifoam it is very hard to 
grow them in flask as I need 300 rpm for there growth.

So, please can anyone give any idea about growing Streptomyces in large 
culture in limited time?



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